Louise Arnold

Louise Arnold is a prominent local figure in the Albury Wodonga community, known for her engaging personality and culinary expertise.


Tom McCulloch

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LouiseArnold.au is designed to be a robust and user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates content management, e-commerce, and digital downloads. The primary technologies used in this project are:

  • Gatsby: For building a fast, static site.
  • Shopify: For handling e-commerce functionalities.
  • Prismic: For managing and delivering content.

Key Features

  • Recipes Hosted via Prismic CMS: Prismic CMS was chosen for its flexibility and ease of use in managing Louise’s extensive collection of recipes. The CMS allows Louise to easily add, update, and organize her recipes, ensuring that her audience always has access to the latest culinary creations.
  • Ebooks and Products on Shopify: Shopify serves as the backbone for Louise’s e-commerce needs, hosting her ebooks and various products. The integration with Gatsby ensures a smooth shopping experience for users, with fast load times and a responsive design.

Custom Ebook System

One of the most significant challenges in this project was setting up a custom ebook system. Given the headless architecture, it was essential to create a seamless digital download experience. Here’s how it was accomplished:

  • Unique Download Links with MailGun and Netlify: To provide secure and time-limited download links for each ebook order, we used MailGun and Netlify serverless functions. Each order triggers a serverless function that generates a unique download link, which is then emailed to the customer. This link expires after 5 minutes, enhancing security and ensuring that the download process is controlled and efficient.
  • Automated Order Fulfillment: The integration between Shopify and the custom ebook system ensures that orders are automatically fulfilled once the download email is sent. This automation reduces manual workload and improves the overall efficiency of the e-commerce operations.

Marketing and Analytics

  • Klaviyo Integration: Klaviyo was implemented to manage and optimize Louise’s marketing efforts. This powerful tool allows for personalized email campaigns and better audience engagement, helping Louise to connect with her audience more effectively.
  • MixPanel for Analytics: To track user behavior and gather insights, MixPanel was integrated into the website. This analytics tool provides detailed reports on user interactions, helping to inform future improvements and marketing strategies.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Scalability and Performance: Ensuring the website could handle a growing user base and increasing content was a top priority. Gatsby’s static site generation, combined with the scalability of Netlify and the robust infrastructure of Shopify, ensured that the site performs well under load and remains fast and responsive.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrating multiple platforms (Gatsby, Shopify, Prismic, MailGun, Klaviyo, and MixPanel) required careful planning and execution. By leveraging APIs and serverless functions, we achieved a seamless integration that provides a cohesive user experience.


The development of LouiseArnold.au showcases the power of modern web technologies and the benefits of a headless architecture. By combining Gatsby, Shopify, and Prismic, we created a scalable, high-performance website that meets the unique needs of Louise’s personal brand. The custom ebook system, marketing integrations, and analytics capabilities further enhance the platform, providing a comprehensive solution for Louise’s digital presence. This project not only supports Louise’s current needs but also sets the foundation for future growth and innovation.